Discover Dutch masterpiece The Evenings

Posted 2nd Dec 2016

‘’Every bit as much a classic as On the Road and The Catcher in the Rye‘ – Herman Koch, author of The Dinner

One of the greatest Dutch novels of all time, Gerard Reve’s The Evenings has finally been translated into English. Compared to everything from Camus to Knausgaard, we’re delighted to finally bring this special novel to an English-speaking audience, after enthralling Dutch readers for generations.

Twenty-three-year-old Frits – office worker, daydreamer, teller of inappropriate jokes – finds life absurd and inexplicable. He lives with his parents, who drive him mad. He has terrible, disturbing dreams of death and destruction. Sometimes he talks to a toy rabbit.

This is the story of ten evenings in Frits’s life at the end of December, as he drinks, smokes, sees friends, aimlessly wanders the gloomy city streets and tries to make sense of the minutes, hours and days that stretch before him.

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