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A snippet from the rule-breaking mastermind of crime

Posted 30th May 2017

Two men are chained together by a wager and a lifelong rivalry that could destroy them both.

The enigmatic Inspector Barlach has an idea of who shot his fellow police officer on a country road, however, his colleagues aren’t as convinced by his methods. As it becomes increasing obvious that the ailing Inspector might not have enough time to solve the mystery, the investigation serves only to expose more questions. Why was a local policeman at a party with some of Switzerland’s most influential men? Who is actually in control of the investigation? And why has Barlach’s own past returned to haunt him in his final hours?

The Judge and his Hangman is a stunning, genre-defying thriller from one of the greatest post-war writers of the German language. In this existential mystery, Dürrenmatt explores the themes of human obsession and the seeming inevitability of fate; he will make you reconsider crime as a genre and what being good actually means.

Enter Dürrenmatt’s twisting tale…

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