A Tale Without a Name

Penelope S. Delta
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Translated by Mika Provota-Carlone


232 pp

Published 11/04/2013

ISBN 9781908968906

An enchanting, powerful fable as timely today as on first publication a century ago

The kingdom used to be a place of paved roads and well-filled coffers, with joy and the good life all around. But the old king went the way of all flesh years ago, and now the kingdom is derelict, a land of wickedness and ruin. But a young prince and his sister begin to see what must be done, and-if they can-to restore what has been lost.

For a hundred years A Tale Without a Name has been one of Greece's best-loved stories. This playful, wise fable is enchanting for readers of any age, as meaningful and moving now as when it was first written.

"Constantly intrigues and excites... Like Animal Farm ... thirty or so years later, it's a political tract in thin but compelling disguise" Books for Keeps

Penelope S. Delta's A Tale without a Name is translated from the Greek and charmingly illustrated with all-new black and white drawings throughout by Mika Provata-Carlone, and published by Pushkin Press.

Penelope S. Delta (1874-1941) was born in Alexandria, Egypt to Greek parents. Delta belonged to the Greek aristocracy and could easily have come from a novel by E.M. Forster, Marcel Proust or Henry James. She wrote several children's books, memoirs and historical works. She took her own life in April 1941, the day the Nazis entered Athens.


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