Mirror, Shoulder, Signal

Dorthe Nors
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Translated by Misha Hoekstra


Published 23/02/2017

ISBN 9781782273127

Sonja is learning to drive. Her instructor is insane. She should have done this when she was eighteen (like her sister who now lives in a big house in the countryside with her husband and kids and has stopped returning her calls). On the streets of Copenhagen she struggles with the mirrors, with the signalling - she can't even change gears.

Her masseuse thinks she witholds her emotions, she needs to let them hang out more.

And then there's the positional vertigo that threatens to overwhelm her at the most inconvenient moments.

Dorthe Nors' examines the absurdity of modern life, the complexity of human desire, and the ache of loneliness and disappointment in a novel shot through with flashes of humour. This is a stylishly original and meticulously structured story about searching for meaning in the sometimes alienating urban landscape, and eventually finding a way home.