Reckless III: The Golden Yarn

Cornelia Funke

Translated by Oliver Latsch


480 pp

Published 29/06/2017

ISBN 9781782691419

The third book in Cornelia Funke's internationally bestselling Reckless series

After a perilous encounter with an Alder Elf, Jacob must journey into the enchanted Mirrorworld once again.

Together with Fox, his beautiful shapeshifting friend, Jacob has no choice but to follow his brother on the trail of the Dark Fairy, who has fled deep into the East: to a land of folklore, Cossacks, spies, time-eating witches and flying carpets. But what exactly is the Dark One running from?

The third book in the series, The Golden Yarn is a thrilling tale of courage and fear, jealousy and forbidden desire; in which love has the power both to save a life - and to destroy it.


Reckless I: The Petrified Flesh (Mirrorworld)
Reckless II: Living Shadows (Mirrorworld)