School of Velocity

Eric Beck Rubin


224 pp

Published 27/07/2017

ISBN 9780993506291

Jan, an experienced virtuoso pianist is about to go on stage to perform his solo. But, once again, the music he hears in his head is not what he is supposed to be playing. Will it go away in time, or will it sabotage his performance?

As he struggles with this hidden anguish, he thinks about his unique high school friendship with Dirk, a magnetic, eccentric personality. It began like a game, with Dirk playfully stealing Jan's first girlfriend. And it continued like a game - a very close friendship with an undertone of intimacy and danger.

They go their separate ways after high school, but when they reunite as adults, Jan wonders: is Dirk really the strong character he appeared to be, and was their friendship in fact real, life-long love?

The final game Jan plays - a blind ride on a dark country road - is the most dangerous of all. In this powerful debut, Eric Beck Rubin conjures up a moving tale full of music and raw human emotion with a virtuoso touch.


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