The Wildings: The Hundred Names of Darkness

Nilanjana Roy


416 pp

Published 03/11/2016

ISBN 9781782691075

The Nizamuddin cat clan are licking their wounds, slowly recovering after their terrible battle with the ferals from The Shuttered House. But soon they find their beloved Delhi neighbourhood is changing around them, and they encounter new enemies - vicious dogs, snakes and humans. Unless Mara, a young ginger kitten, can use her powers as a Sender to help the clan find a safe haven, the small band of cats will be wiped out for good.

Led by the plucky Southpaw the cats set out on a perilous journey through India's urban jungle in search of a new home, meeting many new loyal friends, and deadly foes, along the way. The Hundred Names of Darkness concludes the thrilling story that began with The Wildings.