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Set in a wet and somewhat dreary post-war Japan landscape, Bullfight is an existential masterpiece revolving around newspaper editor Tsguami’s misguided obsession with staging a bullfight in war-scarred Osaka. For months this great gamble consumes him, makes him as wary and combative as if he was in a ring himself. And, as he becomes ever more distant, his lover Sakiko is unsure if she would like to see him succeed or be destroyed. Yasushi Inoue’s intensely memorable and compellingly dramatic novella won him the prestigious Akutagawa Prize in 1949 and established him as one of Japan’s most acclaimed authors. Long published in Germany and France, it is now finally available in English for the very first time. In 2014, Bullfight will be followed by more work by Inoue: another novella, the haunting and poetic love-story The Hunting Gun, and a short-story collection, The Counterfeiter.

“His massive œuvre achieves an unmistakable synthesis of tradition and modernity, of Western and Far-Eastern cultures” KulturSPIEGEL

“What is unique about your work … is that each story presents a vision, and that in reading it I can always follow and believe in that vision, unlike those in the books of other authors … and you produce them in the simplest and lightest language that I have ever encountered” Peter Handke, letter to Inoue, March 1988

Click here to read Inoue's preface to the 1988 French edition.