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'A literary child of Gabriel García Marquez and Salman Rushdie.' New York Review of Books Indonesian epic Beauty is a Wound, from Man Booker International nominee Eka Kurniawan is out now. We're obsessed with this book at Pushkin HQ, it's a colourful, political and fantastical masterpiece spanning a century of Indonesia's painful past. The stunning cover was created by acclaimed designer Nathan Burton, and we caught up with him to discuss the process of designing a jacket for this sprawling and beautiful book. What was your initial inspiration for the cover of Beauty is a Wound?

 In the cover brief I was asked to represent the main character, Dewi Ayu in some way, as she is so integral to the story. I started by looking at traditional Indonesian folk art, not for any specific image but in the hope that it would spark some initial ideas. I found some very beautiful shadow puppets and paintings and I wanted to try a very graphic interpretation of these. I sent an early rough to Pushkin but it was thought that this approach was a bit too cold for this rich, historical novel so I needed to give it some more thought.

 In what ways did you reflect the book’s Indonesian roots in your cover design?

 One of the main ways I reflected Indonesia is in Dewi Ayu’s clothing. I had sent over an earlier version with a  woman in generic eastern dress that Eka (the author) thought looked like a Chinese style dress so he pointed me in the direction of a traditional Javanese dress called a kebaya. I love finding out these little facts along the way.

 How far did your initial draft differ from the final cover? 

 The cover went through a few versions before it was approved. The publisher liked the direction it was going after the second attempt, which is always reassuring, so it was a case of trying to make all the elements work together. There was a bit of back and forth with Pushkin and the author to hone the details to make sure we had an accurate representation of Dewi. 

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