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We have partnered with Kakania, a new project that celebrates the culture of Habsburg Vienna a century ago, with commissions of contemporary artists from 21st century London. Kakania consists of over 4 events, 4 original publications and an array of contemporary artists working in poetry, visual art, sound & conceptual art. It aims not just to evoke the Habsburg era, but to envelope it, to transpose it, to avoid nostalgia and in its stead bring the intensity and innovation that marked the last days of the Habsburg era. See more details about Kakania here. The first event is at Rich Mix Arts Centre on Tuesday 25th November. See more details here. This Christmas, Pushkin Press is publishing a deluxe edition of Stefan Zweig's memoir of the Habsburg Empire, The World of Yesterday. It has been called "one of the canonical European testaments" (John Gray, New Statesman).