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We're all abuzz about our upcoming YA title Maresi, a 'Finnish feminist fantasy' from bestselling author Maria Turtschaninoff. The stunning cover was today revealed by high-profile YA blogger Lucy Powrie and we've had some fantastic reviews: 'Where YA fantasy can start to feel a little same-y, Maresi is dark and occasionally harrowing, yet always readable stands out for its startling originality, and for the frightening plausibility of the dangerous world it creates. Maria Turtschaninoff s deceptively simple, occasionally almost fairy tale-like prose is also a joy: the voice of Maresi (our first person narrator) always feels distinct and believable' Rebecca Hawkes, Telegraph 'A book full of courage. Dark, brave and so gripping you ll read it in one sitting with that instinctive hunch hovering over your shoulder warning you that something terrible is about happen if you turn the page. And then you turn the page...' Laura Dockrill, author Pre-order your copy now