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Where I Write: Cornelia Funke

Posted 5th Jan 2017

To celebrate the release of the third and final book in Cornelia Funke’s magical Reckless trilogy, The Golden Yarn, we caught up with Cornelia herself to discuss her writing space and the inspirational objects within it.


The table I draw and write at was made and carved in India, but I bought it Hamburg, to then bring it to Southern California. It’s a well travelled table, and as it can tell so many tales, appropriate for a storyteller. It holds many things (it’s a very big table): shells, stones, Chinese coins, dragons, a paper angel given to me by a child in New Zealand, the photo of a boy who was shot at the Elementary School of Sandy Hook, given to me by his father, to always remind me that stories should comfort and give shelter, but also have to talk about the darkness of this world.


My favourite possession in the world, made by a Chinese sculptor, given to me by a friend, who knows me very well, is a huge Ogre Arm, similar to the one, I describe in Reckless, hanging above the counter of THE OGRE, Albert Chanute’s Inn. The claws are very good at holding pages down or keeping notebooks safe. As I write my first drafts always by hand that’s very important.

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