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Robert Merle

Robert Merle (1908-2004) was born in French Algeria, before moving to mainland France in 1918. Originally an English teacher, Merle served as an interpreter with British Expeditionary Force during the Second World War, and was captured by the German army at Dunkirk, the experience of which served as the basis for his Goncourt-prize-winning Weekend at […]

Fortunes of France 1: The Brethren

Robert Merle

The Perigord of sixteenth-century France is a wild region on the edge of the reaches of royal authority-its steep, forested valleys roamed by bands of brigands and gypsies, its communities divided by conflict between Catholics and converts to the new Protestant faith, the Huguenots. To this beautiful but dangerous country come two veterans of the […]

Fortunes of France 2: City of Wisdom and Blood

Robert Merle

Montpellier in 1566-only fools walk the streets at night unarmed, while a profession of faith in the wrong company can lead to a knife in the back. Not even this proud city of philosophers is safe from the menaces that endanger the peace of France. The city militia are struggling to contend with the lawlessness […]

T. Jefferson Kline

T Jefferson Kline is chair of the Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures Department at Boston university. He has authored numerous articles on the French novel, French theater and European cinema. His translations of the first three of thirteen volumes of Robert Merle’s epic Fortune de France, The Brethren, City of Wisdom and Blood and Heretic […]