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Robert Merle

Robert Merle (1908-2004) was born in French Algeria, before moving to mainland France in 1918. Originally an English teacher, Merle served as an interpreter with British Expeditionary Force during the Second World War, and was captured by the German army at Dunkirk, the experience of which served as the basis for his Goncourt-prize-winning Weekend at […]

League of Spies: An Extract

‘Both wise and audacious, constantly nudging up against the extraordinary’ – New York Times Book Review ‘Swashbuckling historical fiction’ – Guardian ‘Modern-day Dumas finally crosses the channel’ – Observer We originally brought Robert Merle’s Fortunes of France series to the English-speaking world in 2014 and the long-awaited fourth instalment, League of Spies, is finally here! The […]

A Feast of Fortune

‘A master of the historical novel’ – Guardian ‘Both wise and audacious, constantly nudging up against the extraordinary’ – New York Times Book Review ‘France’s modern Dumas’ – Sunday Times   Not only are we delighted to announce the publication of Robert Merle’s spectacular fourth instalment, League of Spies, but to also introduce our beautifully redesigned editions of the whole Fortunes […]

T. Jefferson Kline

T Jefferson Kline is chair of the Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures Department at Boston university. He has authored numerous articles on the French novel, French theater and European cinema. His translations of the first three of thirteen volumes of Robert Merle’s epic Fortune de France, The Brethren, City of Wisdom and Blood and Heretic […]

Fortunes of France: A Beginner’s Guide

With Heretic Dawn, the third book in the series, now out, Commissioning Editor Daniel Seton explains why you should plunge yourself headlong into Fortunes of France… Were you raised on a diet of Hornblower? Are you a fan of Flashman? Is the wait for the final Wolf Hall novel too much to bear? Then I […]

The Brethren Finally Land on British Shores

'Modern-day Dumas finally crosses the Channel' Guardian