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A Feast of Fortune

Posted 1st Jul 2018

‘A master of the historical novel’ – Guardian

‘Both wise and audacious, constantly nudging up against the extraordinary’ – New York Times Book Review

‘France’s modern Dumas’ – Sunday Times


Not only are we delighted to announce the publication of Robert Merle’s spectacular fourth instalment, League of Spies, but to also introduce our beautifully redesigned editions of the whole Fortunes of France series so far!

As sixteenth-century France becomes a battleground fraught with religious tensions, political secrecy and blood-shed, Pierre de Siorac’s allegiance to the crown and religion is tested when chaos ensues and threatens the safety of those he loves…

With over five million copies sold worldwide, Robert Merle’s epic Fortunes of France series is perfect for any reader with a taste for gripping historical fiction.

The first four volumes are available to buy on our online shop now!

The Brethren: The Périgord of sixteenth-century France is a wild region – its steep, forested valleys roamed by bands of brigands and gypsies, its communities divided by conflict between Catholics and converts to the new Protestant faith. The Brethren must use all their wits to protect those they love from the chaos that threatens to sweep them away.


City of Wisdom and Blood: Only fools walk the streets at night unarmed, while a profession of faith in the wrong company can lead to a knife in the back. Lawlessness and religious hatred threaten to tear the whole country in two. Now an adult, Pierre de Siorac must travel south on dangerous roads to the great university town of Montpellier, accompanied by his strapping but naive brother Samson and the crafty Miroul.

Heretic Dawn: After a deadly duel with a jealous rival, Pierre de Siorac must travel to Paris, to seek his pardon from the King. In the capital city he finds a world of sweet words and fierce pride, and faces the greatest challenge of his young existence – not only to win a royal pardon, but to escape from Paris with his life, and the lives of his beloved companions.


League of Spies: An uneasy peace reigns in France, but behind the scenes Catholics, Protestants and the agents of foreign powers are still locked in secretive, bloody combat. As his country’s future hangs in the balance, Pierre de Siorac’s apparent employment as a doctor masks a more deadly occupation as a spy working for King Henry IV and his ally Elizabeth I of England, using fair means and foul to protect the peace of two realms.