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Adam Freudenheim: why story time is vital for young minds

Posted 22nd Feb 2018

The proportion of toddlers being read to every day has fallen by a fifth over the last five years, a recent survey claims, with only 51% of pre-school children now having daily story time. Obviously as a publisher of children’s fiction from around the world, this news is rather alarming. Here’s our brilliant Publisher Adam Freudenheim on why story time is essential to child development, and something every parent should try to shoehorn into their evening routine (whenever possible!)

“Reading to my kids has always been one of the great pleasures of being a parent. When you think of all the tedious, mundane things you have to do when your kids are young (like changing nappies!), what could be better than reading, something that draws you close to your children on every level and is such fun?

I have three children – two girls and a boy – and from when they were about 1 until 8 years old I read to them every single day. Even now, though two are teens and the third nearly 11 I still find time to read to them now and then. Speaking personally, the key for me was to make it part of our daily routine – bath, pyjamas, brushing teeth and then reading together for 15-30 mins before bedtime. It wasn’t always easy, and like any parent I was often tired and distracted or stressed, but by making it part of the routine meant it was something we (nearly) always did.

And now as they’re growing up, it’s something I miss, though I get the pleasure of watching them all read and occasionally they read aloud to me!”

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