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Around the World with My Sweet Orange Tree

Posted 10th Jan 2018

Here at Pushkin we pride ourselves on cover design and ensuring our books are as beautiful as they can be. With that in mind, we love it when our translated works have a whole host of beautiful covers from around the world – My Sweet Orange Tree  is one such book so we thought we’d show you a few!


My Sweet Orange Tree  is one of the bestselling books ever published in its native Brazil, and to celebrate this on 26 February 2015 Google Brazil had a Doodle celebrating José Mauro de Vasconcelos’s 95th birthday – you can see the Doodle in all its glory here!


José Mauro de Vasconcelos’s autobiographical tale features on many school reading lists, including Turkey. However, there was a slight uproar in 2013 when a parent attempted to get the book banned on the grounds on grounds including that the plot clashed with Turkish morals and values. That same year, there were also calls for Of Mice and Men to be banned as it was immoral and unfit for educational use!

South Korea

My Sweet Orange Tree  was also the subject of controversy in South Korea in 2015. It’s much loved in the country and often studied in schools and the K-pop star IU was accused of sexualising the five-year-old protagonist Zezé in her song of the same name. IU later apologised, saying that the Zezé in her song was, ‘a third-party fictional creation taken from the motif in the original novel.’


You might be sensing a theme here – Iran is another country where My Sweet Orange Tree  has proved to be an exceptionally popular childhood read!


My Sweet Orange Tree  has been adapted for film twice (in 1970 and 2012). This French edition was published with a lovely tie-in cover with the most recent film, starring João Guilherme Ávila and José de Abreu.



My Sweet Orange Tree  is out now. Purchase your copy here.