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Luce D’Eramo

Luce d'Eramo was born in 1925 in France. The daughter of Italian parents, she lived in France until her family returned to Italy in 1938. From a bourgeois Fascist family, she studied at the Sapienza in Rome and was a member of the Association of Fascist Students. When she was 18, she left home to volunteer in the Nazi labour camps, but then joined a group of deportees being sent to Dachau, from which she escaped in October 1944. She was left severely paralysed in 1945. In 1946 she married Pacifico d'Eramo and they moved to Rome, where she later gave birth to their son, Marco. d'Eramo went on to earn degrees in literature and philosophy and wrote many works of fiction and non-fiction, most famously Deviation, published in 1979. She died in Rome in 2001.

Books by Luce D’Eramo