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Dig in to Dinner with Edward

Posted 29th Aug 2019

Books can nourish the soul. Even more so when they tell of meals shared by old friends, peace offerings over a good stiff drink, or rambunctious tea parties.

Our newest memoir, Dinner with Edward, shows the overwhelming power that exists in an act as simple as sharing a meal. When Isabel Vincent, a divorced reporter from New York, reached out to Edward, a 93-year-old widower, she didn’t expect him to have such a profound effect on her life. But after the first sip of his signature martini, Isabel found herself enamoured with Edward’s gourmet meals, curated jazz collection and charming personality. Both mourning their respective lost loves, they changed each other’s lives over dinner.

Dinner with Edward is out today, so dig in to this extract, then head here to get your copy.