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Discover Rick Bass: For A Little While

Posted 2nd Jan 2018

A ‘modern-day Henry Thoreau’ – The Times

Have you discovered him yet?

Rick Bass is one of the greatest American short story writers living today. To read his fiction is to feel more alive, and to be captivated by his expression of the vastness of human experience, and the awesome beauty of the natural world. In For a Little While, collected for the first time is the definitive volume of his stories, selected from thirty years of work.

Read on for a sample of just one of the brilliant stories in this important collection, now out in paperback.


An ice storm, following seven days of snow; the vast fields and drifts of snow turning to sheets of glazed ice that shine and shimmer blue in the moonlight, as if the color is being fabricated not by the bend- ing and absorption of light but by some chemical reaction within the glossy ice; as if the source of all blueness lies somewhere up here in the north — the core of it beneath one of those frozen fields; as if blue is a thing that emerges, in some parts of the world, from the soil it- self, after the sun goes down.

Read on….

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