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On June 20th, we'll be flinging the doors open to new children's submissions. Our Children's Editor Sarah Odedina, will be accepting submissions of full-length novels for readers aged 8+

Reckon you're the new Rowling or Gaiman? The Open Submissions Initiative will run for 24 hours on 20th June and authors can send their material to books@wordpress-16778-45445-178323.cloudwaysapps.com with the subject line ‘SARAH ODEDINA OPEN SUBMISSION MATERIAL’. To ensure your novel is polished to an irresistible gleam, Sarah has kindly outlined her five top tips to follow before submitting your manuscript:

1.  Perfect your synopsis.  Make sure that it is concise, clear and deals only with the main plot and three main characters.

2.  If you have more than one plot are you sure they are working together?  When books have more than one plot they often work best when complementing one another to tell the bigger over arching story rather than telling two or more potentially conflicting stories.

3.  Are your characters plausible?  Remember that not all heroes are flawless and not all antagonists are totally bad. A bit of complexity is a good thing and makes characters feel more real to the reader.

4.  Cause and effect. One thing should lead naturally on from another and be logical. Even in fantasy fiction actions, reactions and outcomes have to be plausibly linked and not outlandishly incredible.

5.  Make sure you are happy with the presentation of your documents. Spelling, formatting and clarity of presentation makes everything easier for someone else to read and understand.