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Inside Edward’s Kitchen

Posted 22nd Aug 2019

Next week, we publish the luscious Dinner with Edward, Isabel Vincent’s memoir of a most unexpected friendship.

In the throes of a disintegrating marriage, Isabel Vincent was looking for respite. Edward, 93-years-old and recently widowed, needed a friend. When the two began meeting over Edward’s dinner table, the friendship they cultivated was as nourishing and invigorating as the meals Edward prepared.

At the start of each chapter in the book, we see a menu from Isabel and Edward’s delicious meals together. So we thought we’d give you a taste…

‘Edward had already made me a martini by the time I took the elevator to the fourteenth floor. The glass was cold and the cocktail was topped with a perfect icy patina.’

‘As usual, an eclectic and even odd group of people assembled around Edward’s oak dining table. There was the sixty-six-year-old Czech artist, with the salt and pepper pony tail, and his American TV producer wife, who was some twenty years younger, with long, straight black hair and tight jeans.’

‘Edward had nourished me with more than just food. Yes, he had made magnificent feasts and even plain meals, and I remember each of them still so vividly because every dinner with Edward sustained me’

Dinner with Edward publishes on the 29th August. Indulge, and get your copy here.