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Jakob Wegelius: Workspace

Posted 19th Sep 2018

The unforgettable adventure tale The Murderer’s Ape is out now, and to celebrate we caught up with author Jakob Wegelius to give an insight into where Jakob does his writing and illustrating (The Murderer’s Ape contains over 100 of Jakob’s own intricate illustrations). Read on to learn about Jakob’s coffee-fuelled, rather nomadic writing day.

Where do you write?
Sometimes in my studio and sometimes at home. Almost always when I travel by bus, train or plane. Cafés are also excellent places for writing (although I don’t have many close by, as we live in the countryside).

What do you have on your desk?
Too many things that really shouldn’t be there. It is always a mess. Seldom less than three half-drunk coffee-mugs.

Which is the most inspiring object in your workspace?
My maps. The one over my reading chair is a souvenir from when I visited Antarctica as ship’s-artist on an icebreaker for 2 months some years ago.

What can you see from your window?
I have a lovely view, actually, as a small river runs through the little village of Mörtfors, where we live.

Want more from Jakob? Click here for an extract of The Murderer’s Ape. Or, grab your copy now on the Pushkin shop >