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League of Spies: An Extract

Posted 13th Jul 2018

‘Both wise and audacious, constantly nudging up against the extraordinary’ – New York Times Book Review

‘Swashbuckling historical fiction’ – Guardian

‘Modern-day Dumas finally crosses the channel’ – Observer

We originally brought Robert Merle’s Fortunes of France series to the English-speaking world in 2014 and the long-awaited fourth instalment, League of Spies, is finally here! The series has sold over five million copies worldwide and the latest tome is another epic swashbuckling historical romp through France.

An uneasy peace reigns in France, but behind the scenes Catholics, Protestants and the agents of foreign powers are still locked in secretive, bloody combat. As his country’s future hangs in the balance, Pierre de Siorac’s apparent employment as a doctor masks a more deadly occupation – as a spy working for King Henry IV and his ally Elizabeth 1 of England, using fair means and foul to protect the peace of two realms.

As the plots against his king thicken and the Spanish Armada prepares to sail, Pierre finds himself struggling to save not only his country, but the lives of his entire family. With his back to the wall, he will need a keen wit and a steady sword arm to fight his way to safety.

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