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Meet Newt

Posted 16th Sep 2019

I am lernin my lettuz
I am lernin mi letterz
I am lerrnin my lettiss
I am lernin my letterz.
I am learnin my letters.

Better, says Thomas as he blows out the lyte.

Day in, day out, the workers toil down Bearmouth mine. Newt is a trayler, dragging heavy carts full of coal back and forth along treacherous corridors. It is exhausting and unrelenting work, the men forced to spend what pittance they earn on their own candles and boots – anything left over is squandered away to drown their sorrows. There is no room for questions.

But Thomas, Newt’s friend and protector, disagrees. So by candlelight down hidden tunnels, Thomas teaches Newt the letters on which their world is built, so that they might – one day – have a chance at tearing it down.

Read the first couple of chapters here, and be lured into the depths of the mine…

Bearmouth by Liz Hyder publishes this week on the 19th September.