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Meet Sally Jones, The Murderer’s Ape

Posted 25th Dec 2017

‘I can’t remember the last time I read a book with such pure and unalloyed pleasure’ – Philip Pullman

The Murderer’s Ape is out now, and within the pages of this unmissable tale you’ll meet the rather incredible Sally Jones. We guarantee she’s a character you won’t forget in a hurry…

Sally Jones is not only a loyal friend, she’s an extraordinary individual. In overalls or in a maharaja’s turban, this unique gorilla moves among humans without speaking but understanding everything. She and the Chief are devoted comrades who operate a cargo boat. A job they are offered pays big bucks, but the deal ends badly, and the Chief is falsely convicted of murder.

For Sally Jones this is the start of a harrowing quest for survival and to clear the Chief’s name. Powerful forces are working against her, and they will do anything to protect their secrets.

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