3 x Save the Story for £15

Buy all three paperback editions of our Save the Story series, a ten-book series of the world's great stories retold for children, for just £15. All feature stunning colour illustrations and are the perfect gift for Christmas.

The Story of Antigone by Ali Smith

"The crow crossed the sky, slow-beating her wings. Beat, beat, beat. It was night, not yet morning, and her feathers…

The Story of Captain Nemo by Dave Eggers

"Don't you worry, son. Whatever it is that's been killing the sailors, I will kill it."In this science-fiction classic -…

The Story of Gulliver by Jonathan Coe

"For the first time in his life, Gulliver felt ashamed of himself and his fellow-humans."Gulliver is a travel-hungry and adventurous…

3 x Save the Story for £15

Buy our three beautiful Save the Story paperbacks for £15.