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Publisher’s Picks: Kids’ Halloween Reads

Posted 17th Oct 2019

Snuggle down and grab a blanket – Halloween is on the way. If you’re hoping to share in the scare with your kids, we have some ghoulish recommendations from our children’s list to spook up your evenings.

So, are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s begin…

To begin, we journey into The Dead World of Lanthorne Ghules, brand new this month. When Edwin’s baby sister is born, he is less than thrilled. But when she goes missing, he must team up with his strange new pen pal, Lanthorne Ghules, to take a trip to The Dead World below. 9+

Next up is the totally immersive debut, Bearmouth by Liz Hyder. Written in a completely unique style, this book follows Newt, a Young who works in the depths of Bearmouth mine. Set in the dank underground conditions, this is the perfect candlelit read for young adults. 12+

For a classically English collection of tales, try Brunt Boggart this Halloween. Each enchanting story in this book weaves into the next, following Greychild on his search for his mother and leading us through his magical world of tricksters, lovers and fools. 12+

And finally for the younger reader, we join Clara as she discovers her powers as a Wildwitch. Able to speak to animals, she is guided by her Aunt Isa across the treacherous Wildways, until one day she is captured by the dreaded Chimera… A brilliant female-led adventure story with a witchy kick. 7+