getimage-83.aspx   A psychologically taut tale about a virtuoso pianist plagued by unwanted music in his head Jan, an experienced virtuoso pianist, is about to go on stage to perform his solo. But, once again, the music he hears in his head is not what he is supposed to be playing. Will it go away in time, or will it sabotage his performance? As he struggles with this hidden condition, he thinks about his high school friend Dirk - a magnetic, eccentric personality. It began like a game, with Dirk playfully stealing Jan's first girlfriend. And it continued like a game - a very close friendship with an undertone of danger. They go their separate ways after high school, but when they reunite as adults, Jan wonders: is Dirk really the strong character he appeared to be, and was their friendship in fact real, life-long love? The final game Jan plays - a blind ride on a dark country road - is the most dangerous of all. In this powerful debut, Eric Beck Rubin conjures up a moving tale full of music and raw human emotion, with a virtuoso touch. Out November 17th! Don't miss this absolute gem of a debut novel (pre-order on our shop now).

Whispers Through a Megaphone

‘In an over-connected world, a crisp, beguiling voice observes chaos – and conjures miracles. Elliott is an inspired observer – fresh, wry and true’ Liz Jensen author of The Ninth Life of Louis Drax Rachel Elliott's delightful debut is out now. Buy your copy today
IS IT EVER TOO LATE TO START AGAIN? 35-year-old Miriam hasn’t left her house in three years, and cannot raise her voice above a whisper. But today she has had enough, and is finally ready to rejoin the outside world. Maybe it’s time to stop living in the shadow of her abusive dead mother? Meanwhile, timid psychotherapist Ralph has made the mistake of opening a closet door, only to discover that his wife Sadie doesn’t love him. Yet everyone else seems to have known all about their unhappy marriage – from her tweets. He decides to run away. But where can he go? Each of them is hungry to make sense of the chaos in their lives. Miriam and Ralph’s chance meeting in a local wood marks the beginning of a quirky and mutually supportive friendship. With Ralph’s gentle help, Miriam begins to piece together her own truth. Because sometimes, the world can seem too much for just one person...

The Fishermen is set in a small town in Nigeria in the mid-1990s. Four brothers, the youngest is nine, use their strict father's absence from home to go fishing in a forbidden river and encounter a dangerous local madman, Abulu, whose mystic prophecy of violence threatens the very core of their close-knit family. He predicts that one of the brothers – a fisherman – will kill another. This evil prophecy of violence causes a deep rift between the brothers and starts to break the deep fraternal bonds, unleashing a tragic chain of events. Told by shy nine-year-old Benjamin, whose love for animals lends the novel an almost mythic quality, The Fishermen combines classic African storytelling with the emotional fearlessness of contemporary fiction, and illuminates Nigeria in all its historical, political and cultural complexity. Published: 26 February 2015 Buy your copy now 'An exciting new voice in African literary fiction… astonishingly vivid… beautifully written... read it slowly, savour the writing, enjoy' Bookbag 'Skilfully building the atmosphere from light and innocent to ominous and mysterious, gradually becoming claustrophobic and ultimately tragic… engrossing' Curious Animal Magazine, Book of the Month 'An imaginative debut… a convincing modern narrative and… a majestic reimagining of timeless folklore' Publishers Weekly 'A lively, energetic debut novel… the talented Obioma exhibits a richly nuanced understanding of culture and character. A powerful, haunting tale of grief, healing, and sibling loyalty' Kirkus 'Awesome in the true sense of the word: crackling with life, freighted with death, vertiginous both in its style and in the elemental power of its story. Few novels deserve to be called "mythic", but Chigozie Obioma's The Fishermen is certainly one of them. A truly magnificent debut' Eleanor Catton 'Hardly anyone writing today is delivering this level of intricacy, lyricism and control. Add to that, the urgency and importance of his message. It just doesn't get better than this' Alexandra Fuller 'Obioma's remarkable fiction is at once urgently, vividly immediate, yet simultaneously charged with the elemental power of myth' Peter Ho Davies 'I find the author Chigozie Obioma formidably articulate and with great talent. I believe that he has it in him to become one of the best writers of the upcoming crop of young African authors' Nuruddin Farah  

‘The Fishermen first came to me as a tribute to my many brothers, and a wake-up call to a dwindling nation – Nigeria. Then it grew into something much more than that: it felt necessary’ Chigozie Obioma In a small town in western Nigeria, four young brothers – the youngest is nine, the oldest fifteen – use their strict father’s absence from home to go fishing at a forbidden local river. They encounter a dangerous local madman who predicts that the oldest brother will be killed by another. This prophesy breaks their strong bond and unleashes a tragic chain of events of almost mythic proportions. Passionate and bold, The Fishermen is a breathtakingly beautiful novel firmly rooted in the best of African storytelling. With this powerful debut, Chigozie Obioma emerges as one of the most original new voices of modern African literature.


‘Piercing, witty and enviably well written’ New Statesman ‘The real thing... Fishman is at his best... in the disputed territory between truth and lies’ Observer ‘Funny and astute’ Sunday Times ‘Fishman’s ability to handle the highly complex moral ambiguities as well as his laugh-out-loud one-liners make this a brilliant tragicomedy – one that almost matches Howard Jacobson at his best’ Christina Appleyard, Daily Mail ‘Mordantly funny and moving’ The New York Times

A Replacement Life is a memorable debut by a wonderfully gifted young writer... Boris Fishman has written a beautifully nuanced, tender, and often very funny novel about conscience and familial loyalty that will linger long in the memory’ Joyce Carol Oates

‘Slava,’ a waterlogged voice – his mother’s – whispered in Russian. He felt anger, then something less certain. Anger because he had said not to call. The other because generally she obeyed nowadays. ‘Your grandmother isn’t,’ she said. She burst into tears.

Isn’t. Verbiage was missing. In Russian, you didn’t need the adjective to complete the sentence, but in English, you did. In English, she could still be alive.

Young Russian immigrant Slava Gelman wants to be a great American writer, but is only a researcher at a New Yorker-style magazine. When his beloved grandmother, a Holocaust survivor, dies, his grandfather corners him with a request: could he forge a few Holocaust restitution claims? Slava resists at first, but eventually his semi-fictional accounts turn out to be the best writing he has ever done. Although he lives in fear of discovery and continues to stumble from one tragicomic incident to the another, by the time Slava is finally confronted by a German government employee he is ready to play a role that is – almost – heroic.

‘Bold, ambitious and wickedly smart... The only problem with this novel is that its covers are too close together. I wanted more’ Patricia T. O'Conner, New York Times Book Review

‘A powerful yet tender narrative that explores the tug of war between the past and the future for immigrant families in America’ Newsweek

‘Ingenious’ New Yorker

‘Astonishingly brilliant’ Chicago Tribune

336pp Published on 11/09/2014 ISBN: 9780957548831 Paperback

There is very little peace for a man with a body buried in his backyard. But it could always be worse. Lonely widower Jason Getty killed a man he wished he'd never met, and buried him behind his own house. But a year later, his gardeners dig up two other bodies, a man and a woman. Apparently unrelated, the stories behind each murder begin to unravel as Jason becomes entangles in a race against time, two determined police detectives, and his own conscience. Jamie Mason's dark sense of comedy and quirky plotting take us deep inside the hearts and souls of policemen, criminals, innocent bystanders and one truly remarkable dog. Psychologically brilliant and relentlessly entertaining, Three Graves Full is an irresistible debut from a fresh new voice in literary crime fiction. Buy the book here! 336 pp Published 27/02/2014 ISBN 9780957548848 Paperback

Gideon Lewis-Kraus's A Sense of Direction: Pilgrimage for the Restless and the Hopeful is published today – hooray!


Read the reviews so far, or get your hands on a copy here and now.

A Sense of Direction will be BBC Radio 4′s Book of the Week starting on 10 March,  9:45 a.m. Mon–Fri, repeated at 12.30am.

"Beautiful, often very funny... a story that is both searching and purposeful, one that forces the reader, like the pilgrim, to value the journey as much as the destination" New Yorker 9780957548824

Gideon Lewis-Kraus moved to Berlin in search of something he could not really define. It had to do with a lack of focus in his life, and with the pain his father, a rabbi, had caused his family when he came out in middle age and emotionally abandoned his sons. But Berlin offered only dissipation. To continue his inner journey, Gideon undertakes three pilgrimages along ancient routes, travelling hundreds of miles, mostly on foot: the thousand-year old Camino de Santiago in Spain with a friend, a solo circuit of eighty-eight Buddhist temples on the Japanese island of Shikoku, and finally, a visit to the tomb of a famous Hassidic mystic in Ukraine. On this last pilgrimage, Gideon reconnects with his father, and discovers that the most meaningful quest of all was the journey of his heart. A Sense of Direction is a travel memoir with the emotional power of a novel: A stunningly written, thought-provoking, and very funny meditation on what gives our lives a sense of purpose, and how we travel between past and present in search of hope for our future.  "If David Foster Wallace had written Eat, Pray, Love it might have come close to approximating the adventures of Gideon Lewis-Kraus" Gary Shteyngart "Gideon Lewis-Kraus has written a very honest, very smart, very moving book about being young and rootless and even wayward. With great compassion and zeal he gets at the question: why search the world to solve the riddle of your own heart?" Dave Eggers 384 pp Published 13/02/2014 ISBN 9780957548824 Paperback A Sense of Direction will be BBC Radio 4's Book of the Week starting on 10 March,  9:45 a.m. Mon – Fri, repeated at 12.30am.

Less than four weeks to go to publication of Jamie Mason's superb Three Graves Full! If you can't wait that long, click below to view the trailer: Three Graves Full is out on 10 October 9780957548800


There is very little peace for a man with a body buried in his backyard.

But it could always be worse.

Lonely widower Jason Getty killed a man he wished he'd never met, and buried him behind his own house. A year later, just as he's ready to move on, Jason's gardeners dig up two other bodies on his property, a man and a woman. Apparently unrelated, the surprising stories behind each murder begin to unravel as Jason becomes entangled in a race against time, two determined police detectives, and his own conscience.

Jamie Mason's dark imagination, tender wisdom and sharp sense of comedy take us inside the hearts and souls of all her characters - policemen, criminals, victims, innocent bystanders and one truly remarkable dog.

Buy the book here!

'Incredibly entertaining and suspenseful ... brilliant' The Times (click here for the full review)

'An accomplished darkly comic tale' Cathy Rentzenbrink, The Bookseller

'Psychologically brilliant, relentlessly  entertaining and irresistibly pitch-perfect, Three Graves Full is a dazzling literary debut' Peter Straub

'Mason strides confidently into Coen brothers territory with her highly entertaining, solidly plotted debut about loneliness and the need for companionship' Publishers Weekly (starred review)

'Three Graves Full is something special – an offbeat, high-class, pacy mystery that blends black humour with dark lyricism, and deft, intricate plotting with dead-on psychological insight. A gem of a debut' Tana French

Click here for more reviews.

336 pp Published 10/10/2013 ISBN 9780957548800 Paperback

First World English deal for the new imprint

Elena Lappin, Editor of ONE, a new imprint of Pushkin Press, has snapped up World English rights to The Fishermen by 26-year-old Nigerian debut novelist Chigozie Obioma, from Jessica Craig at United Agents and Peter Steinberg of The Steinberg Agency, New York. The author was born in Akure, Nigeria, and is currently a scholarship student in MFA Creative Writing at the University of Michigan.

Told by nine-year-old Benjamin, the youngest of four brothers, the novel deals with an unforgettable childhood in a small western Nigerian town in mid 1990s, when the boys use their strict father’s absence from home to go fishing instead of attending school, and become exposed to a local madman whose mystic prophecy of violence threatens the core of the close-knit family.

Lappin says: ‘I am thrilled to be publishing Chigozie Obioma on my new list. His masterful writing simply took my breath away, in its sheer power to involve the reader in the life of his characters, from the first sentence to the last. There is a similarity with The Kite Runner, in telling a painful story with great beauty and grace. Chigozie Obioma is a unique, dazzling new literary voice.’

‘Obioma is a major new talent, and I was bowled over by the visceral power of The Fishermen.’ – Adam Freudenheim, Publisher of Pushkin Press.


The author said: ‘I am thrilled to be working with Elena Lappin and Adam Freudenheim, and to be on the ONE list. The Fishermen first came to me as a tribute to my many brothers (six of them), and a wake-up call to a dwindling nation – Nigeria. Then it grew into something much more than that; it felt necessary. So I'm thrilled to be with a team with a formidable plan to set off: ONE at Pushkin Press.’

The Fishermen will be published as a lead title in early 2015.

For translation rights, please contact Jessica Craig

For further information about ONE, please contact Katherine Stroud

Elena Lappin has already acquired her first three books for ONE, two novels and one non-fiction title: Three Graves Full by Jamie Mason, Gideon Lewis-Kraus’s A Sense of Direction: Pilgrimage for the Restless and the Hopeful and A Replacement Life by Boris Fishman. Jamie Mason © Randall Wood Mason’s Three Graves Full (pub. 10 October 2013) is a darkly comic novel which combines the humour of the Coen brothers with the suspense of Alfred Hitchcock – the gripping story of lonely widower and accidental murderer Jason Getty, who lives with the guilt of having buried his victim in his backyard, only to discover two more bodies about which he knows nothing … Gideon Lewis-Kraus © Rose Lichter-Marck In Lewis-Kraus’s smart, ironic travel memoir A Sense of Direction we accompany the author and journalist on three pilgrimages: to Santiago de Compostela, to the Buddhist temples of the Japanese island Shikoku, and finally to Rabbi Nachman’s tomb in Ukraine, where he reconnects with his family heritage and his father. Boris Fishman © Rob Liguori A Replacement Life, the superb debut novel by the essayist, critic and former New Yorker editorial staff member Fishman, tells of an unsuccessful journalist who forges Holocaust restitution claims for his grandfather and other Soviet emigres, while learning to reconcile himself to his roots. Watch this space! For more information: The Bookseller: Pushkin Press signs two for ONE