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Set Sail with Lampie and the Children of the Sea

Posted 30th May 2019

When Lampie forgets to light the lantern that guides ships to safety one night, she is sent away to a house rumoured to be full of monsters.

But what she finds is far more exciting…

Lampie and the Children of the Sea is the debut novel from Annet Schaap, one of the Netherlands’ most beloved illustrators. Lovingly translated into English by Laura Watkinson, Lampie is out now in the UK, so we wanted to share with you some of the beautiful art that brings Lampie’s story to life…


Part One – The Lighthouse

An island barely attached to the mainland, like a loose tooth on a thread, is called a peninsula. On this small peninsula, there is a lighthouse, a tall grey one that swings its light at night over the small town by the sea. It stops ships from smashing into the rock that is so awkwardly positioned in the middle of the bay. It makes the night a little less dark, and the vast landscape and the wide ocean a little less vast and wide.”


Part 3 – The Boy Under the Bed

“It sounds more like groaning than growling, but Lampie is not entirely certain.

She has been sitting here for a while now, and she still has not eaten. But there is definitely something there.

So there is a monster. A monster that fits under a bed.”


Part Five РThe Mermaid in the Tent 

“People are screaming and whirling around, and groups of children are chasing each other, on their way to the next attraction and the next. Look at that! And that! Look over there!

Appetite whetted? To join Lampie on the rest of her journey, click here to get your copy.