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Soul of the Border: An Extract

Posted 16th Oct 2018

‘A bitter and delicate story, seductive as the land of the high Brenta Valley’ – Corriere del Veneto

There are villages that smell of misfortune…

Every year, Augusto De Boer undertakes a treacherous journey through the Italian Alps, smuggling his father’s tobacco across the border to Austria. With conditions getting harsher, he decides to take his fifteen-year-old daughter Jole along with him, teaching her how to navigate the perilous crags and valleys while avoiding the nocturnal beasts and hostile customs officers.

Three years later Jole must retrace their steps alone: her father has not returned from the border. With only her horse for company, she makes her way across the starkly beautiful mountain landscape, hoping to provide sustenance for her family and discover the truth about her father’s disappearance.

Bursting with hope and despair, Soul of the Border is a lyrical coming-of-age story about revenge, salvation, and a ferocious journey into the wild.

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