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Spine-Tingling Reads for Halloween

Posted 31st Oct 2018

We’ll pass on the oversized pumpkins and tooth-rotting sweets, thanks; in our opinion All Hallows’ Eve is a night best spent tucked up in a comfortable chair, with a chilling or thrilling read. If you’re yet to pick a terrible tome to accompany you on the scariest night of the year, don’t worry; we’ve assembled a host of truly horrifying candidates. From missing corpses to murders from beyond the grave, we’ve a wealth of titles which are sure to send a shiver up your spine this October 31st.

The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers

Called ‘one of the greatest weird tales ever written’ by H.P. Lovecraft, The King in Yellow  is a collection of four strange and uncanny tales which has accrued cult classic status since publication in 1895, even inspiring the creators of HBO’s True Detective. Our beautiful gift edition of this classic of supernatural fiction is perfect for the spooky holiday.

The Pledge by Friedrich Dürrenmatt

This psychologically taut thriller will frustrate anyone who likes their conclusions nearly wrapped up. Human obsession and random absurdity stalk the world of The Pledge: readers helplessly watch as the chief investigator of a series of child murders in the alpine Swiss countryside deteriorates in front of their eyes. His ultimately fruitless preoccupation with the clues and patterns of the case eating away at his mind, causing him to slowly spiral into mute insanity.

The Lady Killer by Masako Togawa

A dizzying tale of lust and murder full of subtly menacing tensions, The Lady Killer is our second book from Masako Togawa – cabaret singer, nightclub owner, gay icon and TV star, not to mention a much loved writer of fiendish mysteries. A hunger prowls the night spots of Shinjuku – but is he the one walking into a trap? You’ll have to crack open this eerie gem to find out.

Clinch by Martin Holmén

A blood-soaked, gritty thriller which quite literally packs a punch, Clinch is the story of Harry Kvist, a retired boxer and the chief suspect in a grisly murder of which he is determined to prove his innocence. His violent journey through the city’s slums, via whorehouses, gangster hideouts and gambling dens is sure to give you the chills.

The Tokyo Zodiac Murders by Soji Shimada

Set in 1930s Japan, this is one of the Guardian’s top ten ‘impossible murder’ mysteries and the plot really is fiendish. An old eccentric artist living with seven women is found dead and his diaries reveal alchemy, astrology and a complicated plan to kill all seven women. Shortly afterwards, the women are all found dismembered and buried across rural Japan. A mystery-obsessed illustrator and a talented astrologer set off to solve the crime – will you get there before they do?

Bird in a Cage by Frédéric Dard

Unravelling like a paranoid nightmare, this is the first of our translations from French master of noir Frédéric Dard. Travelling back to his childhood home on Christmas Eve to mourn his mother’s death, Albert finds the loneliness and nostalgia of his Parisian quartier unbearable. Until, that evening, he encounters a beautiful woman at a brasserie, and his spirits are lifted. But something about the woman disturbs him. Where is the father of her child? And what are those two red stains on her sleeve?