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Teffi’: just one name – like Dante, Rembrandt; or, more topically, Neymar… – but a writer whose stories range so widely in content, style and tone that it is a wonder they were all written by just one woman. This month we are publishing the first ever collection of Teffi's stories in English, stories which will amuse, move and provoke you to thought. There are tales here from her own life—as a child, going to meet Tolstoy to plead for the life of War and Peace’s Prince Bolkonsky, or, much later, her strange, charged meetings with the already-legendary Rasputin; of émigré society, its members held together by mutual repulsion; of people misunderstanding each other or misrepresenting themselves. And always throughout there is her sly, sardonic wit and deep, compelling intelligence. To coincide with our publication of Subtly Worded and Other Stories, its translators Anne Marie Jackson and Robert Chandler are going to discuss all things Teffi at Pushkin House on 17 June at 7:30pm. For more details click here.