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Welcome to Rabbit Back, a town like no other. Famous for its literary excellence, it produces its very own literary journal, boasts a scholarly library and is home to Finland’s answer to J.K. Rowling, the celebrated Laura White. White is also the founder and leader of the mysterious Rabbit Back Literature Society, a group shrouded in secrecy – admittance to which guarantees international literary success. Ella is a young teacher and aspiring author, who returns to her hometown of Rabbit Back to take a new job. But her first trip to the town library brings about some unsettling discoveries: Why does the library’s copy of Crime and Punishment have a completely different ending? Why does the librarian seem so unconcerned by this aberration? Where did the mysterious virus that has infected the library come from? Then, Ella witnesses an apparently paranormal event: on the evening that she is initiated as the tenth member of the Rabbit Back Literary Society, the author Laura White simply disappears before everyone’s eyes... So begins Ella’s quest to solve the conundrum of Rabbit Back, its cabalistic literary group and the preternatural disappearance of Laura White. To plumb the depths of the mystery, Ella must play The Game – a weird ritual exclusive to the Society, a minefield of strange rules and revelations with potentially dangerous results. Will she last long enough to uncover the truth in this tangled web of fantasy and fiction? To read the first chapter, click here. Find out more about the book. "A lobster pot of a book... an exquisite balance of suspense, precision-engineered structure and darkly playful humour... fascinating. And fun" – 5-star review, SFX "Mixes the small-town surrealism of Twin Peaks with the clandestine-society theme of Donna Tartt's The Secret History" – The List "Charming and intriguing, switching from playful to creepy to heartfelt and back again... good fun" – Bookbag "A novel about big questions ... wonderful characters... amazing" – TQR Stories and click here for an interview with the author