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The second novel from master of French Noir Frédéric Dard is now on shelves! The Wicked Go to Hell is a tense, paranoid fifties thriller about duty and conscience, deception and loyalty, and about what it means to be human whether you're the good guy or not. At one of France's toughest prisons, an undercover cop is attempting to trap an enemy spy by posing as a fellow inmate. So Frank and Hal find themselves holed up together in a grimy, rat-infested cell, each warily eyeing the other. As they plan a daring escape, an unexpected friendship ensues but which is the cop and which is the spy? CHAPTER ONE

I remember that the sky that morning was white. You know, the sort of sky on which you’d like to scrawl portents in feathery writing! A sky that would stir up humankind to fashion the world anew... or put an end to it once and for all! Paris had drooped like a faded flag on the front of a public building. The weather was warm and joyless. I gave a sigh and ran two at a time up the steps which led to the imposing and very dirty entrance of the Service. Once you’re through the porch, the smell of the world outside slips away from you, along with some of its colour. You begin moving in a bizarre element which is a little nebulous, a tinge acrid and very uncertain.
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