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Where I Write: Emily Bain Murphy

Posted 11th Aug 2017

Following the UK release of her magical debut The Disappearances, we caught up with the brilliant Emily Bain Murphy to talk writing days and workspaces. Read on to find out Emily’s favourite places to write in NYC and San Fran, plus why coffee and pastries are essential to any writing process.

Where do you write?
We’ve lived in three different states over the last three years, so my writing space has been a constant evolution. I wrote most of The Disappearances in a small town in Connecticut, where I did a lot of writing in this tiny sunroom, stealing moments to write when my kids were playing out in our little backyard–in sun or snow!

I also spend a lot of time writing in coffee shops and bakeries, in spots fueled by coffee and gorgeous pastries throughout Connecticut, Massachusetts, and California. We moved to the St. Louis area a few weeks ago and am hoping to have a beautiful little office and writing space of my very own, but right now it’s covered in boxes and is more of an idea than a reality at this point!

My ideal spots to write are places like this charming place called Lafayette in New York City, and the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco, California.

What do you have on your desk?
I usually have my computer, beautiful little notebooks to scribble ideas in, mugs of coffee, and occasionally–in my favorite times–fresh flowers.

Which is the most inspiring object in your workspace?
I’ve started to collect these sweet little notebooks that I think are so much fun to write lines or snippets of ideas in. I also have a bunch of secret Pinterest pages that help me research historical facts or capture a mood or setting I’m trying to invoke, so those are usually open in the background on my computer.

What can you see from your window?
My new home office overlooks a Bartlett pear tree. I’ll be very excited if it actually produces pears or flowers, but right now it’s giving some beautiful green, leafy shade to all of our piles of unshelved books and boxes! 😉

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