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Women in Translation Month

Posted 8th Aug 2019

Happy Women in Translation Month everyone! At Pushkin we’re incredibly proud to publish some of the best female voices from across the world, whether they be from the early twentieth century or brand new on the scene.

But knowing where to start can be daunting! So we’ve put together a crash course on women in translation for you to get your teeth into. And this is only the beginning!

Based in Israel, Ayelet Gundar-Goshen is an award-winning novelist and clinical psychologist. Her novels, One Night Markovitch, Waking Lions and Liar have been translated into 14 languages. With nuanced characters navigating morally grey areas, Gundar-Goshen’s novels are intensely addictive and intricately observed.

Growing up in a seaside town on the Atlantic coast of France, Chantal Thomas inherited from her mother an insatiable love for the water. Memories of Low Tide is a deeply lyrical exploration of Thomas’ feelings for swimming, her mother, and the relationship between the two. A recipient of the Prix Femina, Thomas’ works have been admired the world over, from Archachon to Hollywood.

Shorlisted for the International Man Booker Prize, Dorthe Nors is one of the most original voices in contemporary Danish literature. Her sharp, concise works charm with their wit and playfulness, whilst also delivering pertinent observations on ordinary life. Mirror, Shoulder, Signal, Karate Chop and Minna Needs Rehearsal Space are available in a discounted bundle here.

Finally, our Pushkin Collection is the perfect place to start your women in translation reading. Two of our latest releases, A Nail, A Rose by Madeleine Bourdouxhe (translated by Faith Evans) and Isolde by Irina Odoevsteva (translated by Bryan Karetnyk and Irina Steinberg) are shining examples, both poignant and influential voices from the early twentieth century.